Anthony Vonditsianos' 350Z




Anthony Vonditsianos likes to roll in style both on and off the track. Not only is his S13 drift car a work of art, but so is his daily driven 350Z. This car is so low that it's hard to believe it can be road driven.



























Anthony lives in Toronto, where he breaks necks on a daily basis while sweeping the streets with his carbon fibre front lip. To compliment the lip, this car is also equipped with carbon fibre side skirts and a carbon fibre rear diffuser.



























This 350Z rolls on Volk TE37 rims - a perfect choice for this car. Personally, I like TE37s on almost anything, but they look especially good on Anthony's car.



















































Not only do the wheels look nice, but they're fit nicely as well. This fitment gives a wickedly aggressive look to the car.





























With such a nice exterior, it only makes sense to also have a clean interior. The racing wheel and quick release combo is a nice touch, and the short shifter with the neochrome knob looks perfect.


























I honestly can't think of one thing I would change on this car. Anthony did a fantastic job with it, and he absolutely deserves the jaw-dropped looks he gets when he drives it.






























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