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Colour Consultation

Hey, Brock here. Let's talk about colour grading.

So I know you can't always get the budget to hire a colourist for your music videos/ads. Kind of a bummer, but the world isn't perfect. Sometimes you have to do some colour correction work yourself. I can still help you though!

I offer a consultation service for a very budget-friendly fee. Here's what I'm talking about:


I will review your video via (the free version is fine) and leave specific constructive notes throughout the video on exactly what you should do to balance and refine your final video. It's like critiquing but with high detail and exact instructions on how to fix the things I'm pointing out. If you really nailed it and I can't find anything to fix, you get your money back and a great compliment. Win/win!

Q: "Why is this valuable? Can't I just review my own video?"

A: Of course, but do you know what to really look for?

I've spent years training my eyes to notice details in colour that 99% of people will not notice consciously, but everyone will notice subconsciously. What I mean by that is, there are certain colour details that will influence how the viewer feels while watching a video, and they are generally unable to identify or explain those things. You're most likely trying to spark some sort of emotion or reaction out of your viewer, and I can help you achieve that.

Q: "Okay you're right, so how much?"

A: $40 USD flat rate.

Or for $50 you also get my current LUT tool pack for half off (Highly recommended!)

Please include review link in PayPal notes

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