Jesse Bentley's RPS13




Who says that your track car can't also be your daily driver? This car is proof that it's a hard knock life, but breaking necks on the daily makes it all worth while. Full of character inside and out, there is absolutely no doubt that this car is driven hard.



























Jesse is known for lurking the streets of the Oshawa area, and of course, being pulled over by the police on a regular basis. It seems that the police don't see the true beauty of this car through it's many battle scars.



























It's wild how slammed this car is for being a daily driver. Go low or go home! And although the war wounds add a lot of character to the car, I've heard that it will be receiving a paint job soon. I guess there's nothing wrong with nice paint.



















































Jesse runs a well built SR20DET under the hood, ensuring a reliable ride on the streets, while giving him the power needed to have fun sliding around the track with friends on weekends.



























Sometimes seeing this car at the track makes it tough to believe that it's legally registered on the road, especially the way Jesse drives it!






















The car took a hard hit to a wall at Capital City Speedway a while back, giving Jesse a perfect excuse to put a tubed front end in. The black Mishimoto intercooler is set up in a stealthy V-mount. I'd like to say that there is a sleeper-look to not being able to see the intercooler when the front aero is on, but there is clearly nothing "sleeper" about this car.



























Ever since I first laid eyes on this car I've been inspired by it. The police can make up the most ridiculous laws to try to keep car enthusiasts from driving their project cars on the roads, but this car proves that there is still hope if you truly dedicate yourself to driving the vehicle that you're passionate about.



























When asked about his car, Jesse replied: "I love my car for what it is. In a cop's eyes, it's falling apart and unsafe. But to me, each scar owns a story and always a good laugh."



























Keep lurking the streets and shredding the track, Jesse.




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