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Photography Collection on Cardano

Look Down One.jpg

Look Down One

Initial Collection Price: ₳300

Look Down Two.jpg

Look Down Two

Initial Collection Price: ₳350

Look Down Three.jpg

Look Down Three

Initial Collection Price: ₳500



Initial Collection Price: ₳500

1/10 Editions:

Lone Explorer.jpg

Lone Explorer

Initial Collection Price: ₳25

Eastern Shore.jpg

Eastern Shore

Initial Collection Price: ₳40



Initial Collection Price: ₳50

Light Commute.jpg

Light Commute

Initial Collection Price: ₳30

Vantage Point.jpg

Vantage Point

Initial Collection Price: ₳50

Ocean Crossroads.jpg

Ocean Crossroads

Currently Available: ₳60



Initial Collection Price: ₳35

Western Shore.jpg

Western Shore

Initial Collection Price: ₳50

Must Be A Dream.jpg

Must Be A Dream

Currently Available: ₳70

When All Is Said And Done.jpg

When All Is Said And Done
Coming Soon

1/100 Editions:



Currently Available: ₳9

Seasonal Specials:

Halloween Scout.jpg

Halloween - Scout

Initial Collection Price: ₳75

Halloween Signal.jpg

Halloween - Signal

Initial Collection Price: ₳75

Halloween Arrival.jpg

Halloween - Arrival

Initial Collection Price: ₳75

Halloween Vanquish.jpg

Halloween - Vanquish

Initial Collection Price: ₳75

Collection Gallery:

Cardano Photos

Collection Structure:




The prime collectables of the CRUESSWORX collection. 1/1s are most commonly auctioned off with a reserve price based on the collector-determined value of the collection (ie: the value of the previous 1/1 auction).

1/10 Editions:


The most affordable collectables of the CRUESSWORX collection. 1/10 Editions are made available for instant purchase at 10% of the value of the latest 1/1 auction. The fractionalized ownership provides a more affordable entry price to get a CRUESSWORX photo in your wallet. Editions are usually released between each 1/1 auction.

NOTE: If you collect all 10 editions of a single piece, you can send 9 of them to $burneditions to have them burned and to have the metadata updated to make the piece a 1/1.

Seasonal Specials:


Composite work themed after special events, created with photographs from the CRUESSWORX collection. Released as 1/1s for instant purchase, valued much lower than regular 1/1s so as to not compete with regular 1/1s in terms of value. Typically all Seasonal Special 1/1s from each batch release add up to the value of one regular 1/1. Marked with "Seasonal Series" metadata.

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