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About Brock Cruess

Brock Cruess is a digital colourist based in downtown Toronto primarily working on advertising, music videos and short films at theVanity VFX and Colour.

Around the age of 12, Brock began shooting photos and videos of skateboarding and various other action sports he was involved in and uploading his videos to YouTube. At age 16, Brock's action sports videos grew in viewership and Brock began a freelance career of media production for various action sports brands.

While attending college for Television and Film Production, Brock narrowed his focus to post-production. After moving to Toronto to work an internship at a post-production studio, Brock found a natural interest in colour grading and began working as an assistant colourist at theVanity doing conform and media management tasks, while learning colour correction techniques from a senior colourist.


After two years at theVanity, Brock became a junior colourist - working with clients, fine-tuning his skills and building up his reel. After four years, theVanity opened its second colour suite and named Brock Cruess a full-time colourist.

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