Brock Cruess is a 23 year old photographer and filmmaker working under the title CRUESSWORX. Brock was born in Belleville, Ontario, Canada and was introduced to action sports media creation at a young age. Brock made photography and videography hobbies of his when he was 13, shooting photos and video of his friends skateboarding. After his work raised attention online, Brock began his career in freelance video production and carried it through high school and college. After graduating from his studies in television and film production, Brock moved to Toronto to work full time as a digital colourist while continuing to expand his personal works as CRUESSWORX.

Photo by Rob Semple

Partner up!

I'm open to partnership deals of all kinds. Use my loyal audience as a platform to get the word out about your brand or product. Receive high quality images to use on your own platform. Let me help you grow your audience. The more often people see your name, the more it sticks with them.

Common successful partnerships include clothing brands, women's swim / underwear companies, jewelry companies, tech companies, resorts / private vacation rentals and private transportation services. But no matter your game, we may be a perfect match to work together!



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