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DEDBOYZ NFTs recovered from Six Feet Under each have a unique set of features that may hint at who they were in life or how they went out.

Their stylish features make DEDBOYZ a desirable collectible that really pops as a profile image, and the rarity of some features may hold higher value to collectors.

Among the DEDBOYZ are simple commoners, hell-bound villains, and members of royalty. With vending-machine-style minting, early collectors have the chance to win big on a rare, valuable combination of features for just mint price!



More Info:


  • Dedicated Discord community with an experienced admin team and exclusive roles/channels for DEDBOYZ holders.

  • Unique art in a limited total count of 111, keeping the collection rare for dedicated community members.

  • Blender-generated high quality 3D art rendered as 3000 x 3000px JPG files.

  • Accessory/companion expansion collection mints in the future that can match and compliment existing DEDBOYZ pfp NFTs. Minting these will be exclusive to DEDBOYZ holders.

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