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DEDBOYZ NFTs recovered from Six Feet Under each have a unique set of features that may hint at who they were in life or how they went out.

Their stylish features make DEDBOYZ a desirable collectible that really pops as a profile image, and the rarity of some features may hold higher value to collectors.

Among the DEDBOYZ are simple commoners, hell-bound villains, and members of royalty. With vending-machine-style minting, early collectors have the chance to win big on a rare, valuable combination of features for just mint price!



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  • Dedicated Discord community with an experienced admin team and exclusive roles/channels for DEDBOYZ holders.

  • Unique pfp NFTs in a limited total count of 1000, keeping the pfp collection rare for dedicated community members.

  • Blender-generated high quality 3D art rendered as 3000 x 3000px JPG files.

  • Accessory/companion expansion collection mints in the future that can match and compliment existing DEDBOYZ pfp NFTs. Minting these will be exclusive to DEDBOYZ holders.



Phase One: Early Support fundraising - 100 Early Supporter Tokens available for mint to financially back the development of the project. Early Supporters will be given perks such as whitelist status for a private mint day even before the regular whitelist mint day, a mint price discount, extra portion of token airdrops and an exclusive Discord role.​

Phase Two: Whitelist token mint - 250 Whitelist tokens available for mint. The whitelist mint cost will be discounted from the main mint price to ensure that Whitelist tokens are equivalently free and can be kept as novelty assets after whitelist mint day.

Phase Three: Main Collection Minting - The official DEDBOYZ collection mints in three phases. The order is Early Supporter token holders followed by Whitelist token holders, then finally the Public.

Phase Four: Governance - Governance tokens are airdropped after the collection is fully minted out. The more rare the DEDBOYZ NFT, the more governance tokens are airdropped. Early Supporter token holders receive an extra portion of governance tokens. Basing governance off tokens allows collectors to not feel bound to their DEDBOYZ NFT based on the governance it represents. Collectors may hold their governance tokens and trade for a DEDBOYZ NFT that suits them visually.

Phase Five: Companion Mints - 500 DEDDOGZ and 500 DEDCATZ are open for mint exclusively to DEDBOYZ holders only. These companions share traits with DEDBOYZ, giving the possibility for perfect matches.

Phase Six: DAO - Proposals are accepted and governance tokens vote on the direction the organization will go. DEDBOYZ becomes DEDBOYZ DAO.



Verified Policy IDs:

Early Supporter Token:


Phase One - Early Supporter Token:


Early Supporter Token mint is now live! For 20 ADA you can become an early supporter of the DEDBOYZ project which will grant you whitelist status for a private mint before the public mint day, ensuring you'll get your mint before we sell out our limited 1000 supply.

You'll also only have to pay 10 ADA for your DEDBOYZ mint, which is about a 20 - 30% total discount (exact discount will be confirmed when our final mint price is decided).

This token mint acts as a fundraiser to back the project's development.

Only 100 Early Supporter tokens will be available to mint so get yours while you can!